Revital Shechter,

Revital Shechter, PhD. CTO

Revital Cofounded 2 medical devices companies, served for more than 14 years as president, director, VP R&D, CSO, in charge of patents, clinical trials and more.
Revital worked in the optical communication industry building a multiwavelength laser, with startups in various optical fields, and developing wide field of view helmet mounted displays.
In the past 6 years Revital mentored and consulted several medical device startups.

Revital holds a Ph.D. in the field of planar optics from the Weizmann Institute of Science.
Revital is an inventor of several patents, and an author of more than 20 peer reviewed papers and conference proceedings in the field of optics and displays and cerebral perfusion monitoring.
Revital has 2 daughters.

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