Beata Toth-Cohen,
PhD. Biology Project Manager

Beata Toth-Cohen, PhD. , PhD. Project Manager

Beata graduated at the University of Debrecen as a Molecular Biologist and received her Ph.D. in Medical Science at the same University. She completed her post-doctoral years in Weizmann Institute at Prof David Wallach lab. During her Ph.D. and post-doctoral years she intensively studied the cell signaling apparatus in innate immune system, focusing on apoptosis, phagocytosis and inflammation signaling.
Beata worked as lab manager in Shalev Itzkovitz’ lab in Weizmann Institute where she investigated stem cell commitment and how single cell gene expression serves the tissue function and architecture in metabolic tissue. She has several peer- reviewed publication.
Beata joined to Beta-O2 in May 2021 as a Head of Biology Department.
Beata is one of the organizers of the Hungarian-Science Club in Israel. Beside science and technology Beata has passion to triathlon and to photography.

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