Avi Rotem,
Ph.D., CTO

Avi Rotem, Ph.D., CTO

Dr. Rotem is a veteran in the biotechnology industry. He has successfully served as the CEO at several companies including ProteOptics Ltd. (Haifa, Israel) and Advanced Molecular Semiconductors Ltd. (Rehovot, Israel). Throughout his career, Dr. Rotem has managed many multidisciplinary projects in the fields of medical devices, biochips, and new drug development. While at Elan Medical Technologies Israel (Yavne, Israel), a subsidiary of the Irish-based Elan, Dr. Rotem led a team of 15 scientists and researchers in the development of a minimally invasive glucose sensor. The project passed Phase I studies and was subsequently sold for US$17 million to Medisys, a UK based company. A specialist in mass and oxygen transfer to algae and tissue cultures, Dr. Rotem earned a B.Sc. in biochemistry, a M.Sc. in biology and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and biotechnology, all from Ben Gurion University (Beer-Sheva, Israel). He also completed a post doctorate at Harvard Medical School, where his studies focused on oxygen delivery to artificial organs and bio-artificial livers. Dr. Rotem is the recipient of the Scholastic Achievements in Biology award from the Department of Biology, Ben-Gurion University. He is the author of many scientific articles as well as patent-pending technology.

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