Encapsulating the Cells

Beta-O2 Technologies has developed a macroencapsulation and active oxygen supply approach in order to facilitate the widespread adoption of islet transplantation without the associated complications. Rather than transplanting the cells directly into the human body, thus creating a need for immunosuppression, cells are transplanted into a macrocapsule that provides immunoprotection and optimal conditions for cells to thrive.


The macrocapsule uses alginate as a scaffold for cells to function. Two types of alginate are used in the manufacturing of the device: HG (high guluronic acid) is used for islet immobilization and HM (high mannuronic acid) impregnated in a Teflon membrane is used to protect from the immune system. Alginate is a biocompatible polymer which creates a minimal foreign-body response. As such, it is widely used as a scaffold for encapsulation of islets and cells.