Efficient oxygenation

Islets need oxygen to survive and thrive, and equally important, to produce insulin and glucagon.

While insufficient amounts of oxygen may not ‘kill’ the cells, it may harm their functionality.

Islet cells are one of the greatest consumers of oxygen in the human body.
After adjustment for weight, the insulin-producing part of the pancreas receives eight times more blood than the part that does not produce insulin. Lack of sufficient oxygen is one of the reasons why islet cells, currently implanted under the immunosuppressive protocols, deteriorate over time.

In fact, any viable solution to the implantation of insulin-producing cells must include a solution to the oxygenation problem. No such solution has been developed, until now.

Beta-O2 Technologies has adopted an approach in which oxygen is supplied to the implanted cells in an ‘active’ manner using an external system, rather than relying on the body’s ability to provide oxygen. In this approach, oxygen is periodically ‘fed’ into the device. This guarantees that the islets will always receive the amount of oxygen they need. Oxygenized islets make for a healthy pancreas as well as the regular production of the required amounts of insulin and glucagon. The net result: the ßAir Bio-artificial pancreas provides the most efficient solution for type 1 diabetes.