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ßeta-O2 Technologies Ltd.

Beta-O2 Technologies Ltd. is a biomedical company, developing a proprietary implantable bio-artificial pancreas, the ßAir, for the treatment of patients with type 1diabetes (T1D)

The ßAir is a small medical device, implanted in a minimally invasive procedure. The islet-cells containing device is designed to provide patients with the freedom from injecting insulin and monitoring glucose levels. This innovative device also reduces the risk of diabetes complications and hypoglycemic episodes.

Phone: (+972) 3 918-0700
Fax: (+972) 3 918-0701


11 Amal St., POB 11793, Rosh-Haayin,
ISRAEL, 4809900

Press Contact

Amir Lichter
Phone: (+972) 54-729-9571

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