Dan Jacob Gelvan,
Ph.D., Chairman Of the Board

Dan Jacob Gelvan, Ph.D., Chairman Of the Board

Dr. Gelvan is a seasoned life-science executive with over twenty years of experience working with healthcare companies. Dr. Gelvan is currently Executive Vice President of PolyPid Ltd., a late-stage clinical drug delivery company. Prior to joining PolyPid, Dr. Gelvan was Managing Director with Aurum Ventures where he was responsible for healthcare investments. Dr. Gelvan was a senior executive with GammaCan International, Inc. (OTCBB: GCAN), a pharmaceutical company that focused on immunotherapy in oncology and founded and managed Zetiq Technologies, which specializes in cell-based high-throughput screening for novel anti-cancer drugs and cancer diagnosis. Dr. Gelvan founded Zetiq after leaving a senior position at Clal (Israel) Ltd., one of Israel’s largest holding conglomerates. Dr. Gelvan holds a Ph.D. in Business Economics from RUC in Denmark and is an experienced lecturer in corporate finance and entrepreneurship. Dr. Gelvan was a member of Israel’s National Committee for Biotechnology.

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