Welcome to ßeta-O2 Technologies Ltd.

Beta-O2 Technologies Ltd. is a biomedical company,
developing a proprietary implantable bio-artificial pancreas, the ßAir,
for the treatment and potential cure of type 1 diabetes.
Beta-O2 develops patient-centric solutions to improve the health and quality
of life of patients suffering from Type 1 Diabetes.


The βAir device contains living cells that sense the level of glucose and produce insulin and glucagon accordingly.


Glycemic Control

The βAir device provides the same functionality as the pancreas, therefore retaining glycemic control.


Free of Insulin Injections and glucose monitoring

βAir is an implantable device, eliminating the need for frequent insulin injections and glucose measurements.


No Immunosuppressive Therapy

The βAir device allows for immune-isolation of the implanted cells, thereby eliminating the need for immunosuppressive therapy.